Switch – PDF Workflow Suite

Enfocus Switch is the ultimate and most used middleware workflow tool worldwide (with thousands of customers worldwide) connecting and automating client file submission and receipt, automation of Web2Print, Web2Label, Web2Packaging and Web2WideFormat processes and connecting integrating those processes to ERP, MIS on other framework software. It is literally the Swiss Army Knife of middleware workflow solutions automating your current server based applications and your current backent workflow solutions like Prinergy, Prinect, XMF, etc..

This middleware has automated workflows for Publishers, Commercial Printers, Ad Agencies and Brands enabling those corporations to pursue additional markets, look better to their customers and save valuable time.

North America has a dedicated and talented pool of Switch integrators in North America. Three examples are Tribay, Apago, ASI. In addition, the Enfocus App Store has many prebuilt workflows to get you going.

Enfocus Switch is a modular middleware workflow tool. You can purchase the modules individually as the need presents itself, you can find the modules here (https://www.enfocus.com/en/products/switch/modules).

Description of the Modules

The Metadata Module allows you to use metadata from multiple sources to drive your workflows in an intelligent and personalized manner for your customers.

The PDF Review Module allows you to automate email soft proofing.

The Scripting Module enables you to integrate your self-made JavaScripts, AppleScripts or VB Scripts into a graphic arts development framework.

The Database Module enables communication between your database applications and your workflows.

The Web Services Module and Switch Client Modules ensure network security and business continuity while allowing users to access Switch remotely.

The Reporting module allows you to build custom dashboards to visualize your production.

And the Configurator Module allows you to take full advantage of the Switch partner integrations. Examples Third-Party configurators are from GMG GmbH, ColorLogic GmbH, Twixl media, Tilia Labs Inc., HP Indigo, Quite Software Ltd., EFI – LFP (Fiery XF), callas software GmbH, Dynagram, CHILI Publish, Alwan Color Expertise, Elpical Software B.V., RTI-RIPs,
Caldera, Global Vision Inc., Firstlogic Solutions, LLC, AccuZIP Inc., Imaging Solutions AG, ONYX Graphics, Ultimate Technographics Inc. and more.

Learn how Switch can help you Automate Native file conversion to PDF and other formats, Preflight PDF and other native files, Automate client file submission, Automate Web2Print submission Automate Large Format Production, Automate Digital Packaging Manufacturing, Automate Digital Label Manufacturing, Automate Publishing Workflows and Automate Ad Agency workflows.