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All Systems Integration – PDF Workflow Automation Experts

All Systems Integration has been improving the workflow of Print and Graphic Arts professionals for more than 20 years. Our mission at ASI is to Partner with our customers to achieve maximum efficiency, accuracy and profitability.

  • Efficiency – Greater levels of production with the same or fewer resources.
  • Accuracy – Fewer human touches leads to greater accuracy
  • Profitability – Efficiency and accuracy lead to higher profitability

We build workflow automation solutions leveraging industry standard applications like Enfocus Switch. This provides for an automated solution with a short learning curve and high impact.

Our solutions include integration into components like Management Information Systems, File Delivery Systems, Proofing, Preflighting, Imposition, RIPping, Printing, Shipping and Archiving.

Our technology stack is based on industry standards and best of breed tools. We use a modular approach to integrate these tools. Because of this modular approach, we can quickly and easily add new tools to an automated solution.

Let us show you how to reduce touches, reduce turn around times and increase efficiency.

What one customer said to Tools4Media about ASI:

“As a large commercial printer, we had the need for a way to generate PDF files based on a customer supplied database of orders. Each order consisted of multiple copies of different versions of PDFs and the entire order quantity was over 14,000 items total. Not only was the ordering process time consuming and tedious but the production time on the project was high due to the large number of different orders being fulfilled. By using the Enfocus Switch software, and the ASI custom tool “LIST MAGIC” we were able to automate this process entirely – eliminating the hours required up front to submit orders.

Additionally by using ASIs SimpleXML tool we were able to submit one print file directly into our print production system and eliminate the dozens of orders originally needed to complete the project. The team at ASI was a pleasure to work with and didn’t only supply us with the flow elements we purchased but also gave us the support and guidance we needed to implement them into our flow for the best results. ASI has created a powerful product with LIST MAGIC, I’ve used it in several flows already and anticipate using it frequently in the future. I am extremely happy to have worked with ASI and highly recommend them.” | (781) 935-3322 |

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