pdfToolbox and pdfToolbox Server

Do you need to preflight PDF files online in your delivery portal or web-to-print solution. pdfToolbox Server provides both a command-line solution and a real SDK to support these scenarios.

Command-line integration

pdfToolbox CLI and pdfaPilot CLI are command-line applications; they can be started from a terminal or command window, but are typically launched from the application or script they are integrated with. These versions of the applications support all of the preflight capabilities and can automatically generate detailed reports (in PDF or XML) for further integration.

Using the SDK

pdfToolbox SDK and pdfaPilot SDK are solutions providing integration on a library level. The SDK contains the necessary libraries, headers, documentation and samples to integrate preflight closely in a C, C++, Java or .Net application. Integrating preflight using the SDK requires development resources but does allow for the closest integration in the end.