Significans Automation

Significans Automation specializes in bringing next-generation efficiencies to the Graphic Arts industry by providing custom workflow and communication development, color management, prepress training, and business integration. The end goal of our deliverables is to provide the industry with unmanned environments.

Significans Automation provides print suppliers and brand owners that use industry leading prepress software with an advanced level of customization, deployment, and functionality. The company has the expertise, knowledge and vision combined with an inventory of sophisticated programming solutions that allow customers to achieve optimal performance from their foundational software. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge, we believe our analysts and developers produce results far beyond the capabilities than most industry resources can deliver.

Significans Automation is focused on swift deployments as we focus on selling services by results. The majority of our peers in this space also sell their own software products; resulting often in custom services taking a “back-burner” to the focused services customers often need much more. Even though we are considered as a deployment partner and certified integrators for the leading industry software OEM’s we uphold software neutrality for our customers, as our challenge is to attain a swift custom deployment to accommodate a faster adoption of business innovation. | 877-463-4465 |