Claro Premedia

When you have many images to enhance and each image needs specific adjustments – well, you just don’t have enough time. Sound impossible? Enter Elpical Claro Premedia.

Elpical Claro allows you to process high volumes of images at a fast pace while maintaining specific style and quality standards. Claro’s highly developed professional server based automatic image enhancement, image workflow and image management solutions enable you to create the image workflow that is right for your organization.

Although it seems contradictory, automatic image enhancement actually requires an individual approach. After all, what is good for one image is not necessarily good for another. Claro’s Individual Image Analysis inspects every individual image thoroughly, looking for such parameters as sharpness, brightness, contrast, color balance, and skin tones among others. This extensive individual analysis is fundamental to Claros image enhancement technology.

You can also choose a half-automated workflow process. The Elpical Claro Inspector for Photoshop allows you to route critical images (automatic detection) to Adobe Photoshop for side-by-side comparisons and further manual tweaking.

You often have the need to need to produce images for multiple media (print, website and mobile platforms). These tend to have different image processing requirements, which means you have to create a variety of versions for each original image; high-res CMYK version for print, 72DPI RGB files for the web and various sizes for the mobile platform. With Claro software you can easily and automatically create all of the required versions in one go.

Many corporations process a large number of images on a daily basis rely on multiple Claro servers to do the job. With automatic load-balancing and failover features in a centralized production environment, customers can get the reliability they need with multiple Claro servers operating in cluster mode.

Elpical Claro has a configurator built into Enfocus Switch Claro SDK enables you to build it into your framework creating customer image enhancement solutions to make your product offerings shine.