Have you ever wanted to use a professional document editing system, online? You have a great idea to offer services to your customers, but you need a document editing tool online? CHILI Publisher offers all that and more.

Unleash your creativity and think beyond the web-limits. Now you can offer professional grade editing tools, in a web-environment. CHILI Publisher uses an open architecture to let you integrate the hottest professional online editing software into your (existing or new) web-application.

The means you keep the creative advantage of your solution combined with the power of CHILI Publisher. You decide which level of experience your customers need and tweak the CHILI Publisher interface to your customer’s needs. No graphical experience or know-how is required for your end users to use the WYSIWIG editor.

CHILI Publisher uses web-standards like web services to integrate the engine into your workflow.

Out-of-the-box CHILI Publisher has a WYSIWYG editor, ready to integrate in your web-application. End-users immediately feel connected to the document. As a service provider you can limit the visual interface for the end-user, depending on their skills.

Contact us if you are interested in exploring CHILI Publisher at sales@tools4media.com.

Or check out the CHILI Publish home page – http://www.chili-publish.com/.