Why CHILI Publisher?

Have you ever wanted to use a professional document editing system, online? You have a great idea to offer services to your customers, but you need a document editing tool online? CHILI Publisher offers all that and more…

To get a better idea of how CHILI Publish can help you, you can watch the three CHILI Publish overview videos:  Introduction to CHILI Publisher, How to set up a template in CHILI Publisher and Introduction to integrating CHILI Publisher.  Webinars


Tools4Media…What we’re about

Get your operation streamlined and save money by using tools that are best for you, and you only. Tools4Media has decades of experience in all types of prepress and publishing technology applications, and can help you figure out what will work best for your company, specifically.

Tools4Media is a distributor of best in class products and services. All of the solutions in our portfolio have been thoroughly researched and tested. We can confidently recommend the best applications to meet your needs because we’ve already punched the holes and trained on these solutions ourselves, and used them alongside our customers. Our knowledge base and relationships with vendors saves you time, eliminates missteps, and helps you beeline to the productivity you want to achieve.

Call us with no obligations attached. If we can’t help you directly, we’re happy to give you guidance.


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